Otagi Nembutsu-ji - Arashiyama
             Otagi Nembutsu-ji - Arashiyama

It is all about the journey.

My trusty Nikon 7100, inks, oils, acrylics, graphite, collage and a large dash of Photoshop. Some assembly but no instructions required. The more I mix them up, the more joy there is in the journey.

I have always had a creative itch for music, drawing and even did some wood carving for awhile. Today enhanced photography, digital composite art and mixed media fill my need for creative expression.


Black & white photography will always be a favorite of mine for its stark qualities, but layering and blending images always brings out interesting and many times unexpected results. My most enjoyable journeys start with a single element and no clear path. The highlight always comes when I stop adding, editing or dripping paint and think to myself, "wow, how did I get there?!"


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