Otagi Nembutsu-ji - Arashiyama
             Otagi Nembutsu-ji - Arashiyama


FORWARD AS ONE -  I photographed this particularly regal looking "Tokyo Crow" on the grounds of the Imperial Palace while visiting Japan last May. As a focal point he became the driving force to add over a dozen layers of additional photos that were blended along with type and other graphic elements to reach the final image. For me, the most enjoyable journeys all start with a single element and no clear path. This was one.  12" x 12" digital archival inkjet print on cold press watercolor paper.

We Follow the Sun - photo, acrylic and graphite on mixed media papers - collage on 18"x24" gesso board.


Before What Came After - photo, acrylic and graphite chalk on mixed media paper, sand paper and japanese papers - collage on 18"x24" gesso board.

Time to Move On - Digital photography, layered and blended. 13"x19" Archival Inkjet print on Epson Exhibition Fiber Paper.

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